The International School is currently undertaking expansion and improvement projects through 2020, which the Foundation is pleased to support. If you would like your donation to the Foundation to be targeted to a specific project, simply let us know. Here's an sampling of prominent school projects currently under planning and development. Much further detail on these and other projects can be found on Ecolint’s own site.


Rendering of proposed 6 level sports center at LGB

Rendering of proposed 6 level sports center at LGB

  • New Sports Center facilities. Versatile and specialised gymnasiums (5 gyms, a gymnastics gym, a fitness room); new amenities for students including work and relaxation areas; a reception center for major events and extra-curricular activities; office and other space for staff, students and coaches. The new Sports Centre project is organized on 6 levels. The volume is aligned with the continuity of the Centre des arts to create a coherent and comprehensive picture of extra-curricular activities. In addition, several links between the two buildings are studied to create flexibility in the use of different programs. This is a substantial undertaking for the next many generations of students. CHF 22.6m

  • Primary school football (soccer) pitch CHF 160,000

  • Secondary school basketball pitch CHF 75,000-160,000

  • Middle school playground extension CHF 200,000



Music department renovation at La Chat

Music department renovation at La Chat

  • Secondary school music department enhancement The number of students wishing to follow a high level of musical training has doubled since the department’s creation in 2005. To meet these challenges, this project proposes the creation of 2 complementary rehearsal rooms, each with a surface area of more than 17 m², thus allowing groups of more than 5 members to rehearse. CHF 464,000

  • New sound system for Theater and Salle Polyvalente CHF 60,000

  • Additional staging decks for Salle Poly CHF 14,000

  • Short throw projector for theater CHF 4,000

  • Bicycle shelter and bike repair shop CHF 20,000

  • Seating around new pitch and sports facilities CHF 235,000



  • Exterior bicycle racks and charging station CHF 170,000

  • Extended Support Programme post-16 unit Our ESP structure provides highly personalised learning pathways for students with moderate to severe learning challenges. In the post 16 unit,we are teaching life skills and preparing students to become autonomous when leaving school. Project includes: new furniture more suitable for adult size, and moveable collaborative work zones. CHF 60,000 – CHF 70,000

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For more detail on these and other projects, you can visit Ecolint’s site. If you’d like to make a gift to the Foundation in support of one of these projects, or something else, please just let us know as part of the donation.